The Blackwood Group founded a Special Purpose Vehicle in order to develop projects mainly related to Iron ore, Copper and Gold exploration in Argentina and the African Continent. The Blackwood Group has partnered with the Macri Group in order to pursue and identify potential investments. The Macri Group's Minera Geometales is an Argentinean Junior Company focused in the detection of high potential areas within the Argentinean territory (specifically in the western provinces of Mendoza and San Juan). Its strengths are a comprehensive expertise in the legal consolidation of properties' ownership and the capacity to invest in exploration in order to establish positive resources in the project.

Minera Geometales has already proven its effectiveness by successfully developing projects located within the "El Teniente Copper Belt", in the southern region of the Mendoza Province.

Within this frame, Minera Geometales is looking for investors that, acting as a partner, will help to add value to profitable projects in order to offer business opportunities to major mining companies.

The company is fully owned by one of the most representative economic holdings of Argentina, the Macri Group, through its leading company Sideco Americana.

SIDECO AMERICANA, originally established in the early 60's as a construction company, is nowadays a corporation that has achieved, based on a strategy of wide diversification, to successfully insert in the South American market.     


The strength and steady growing of SIDECO AMERICANA are based on four main pillars:

  •  Its capacity to generate joint ventures with international leading partners. 

  • Its experience to arrange projects financial structures, including trust implementation. 

  • Its contribution with highly professional and experienced management to the companies in witch it participates. 

  • The constant development of quality assurance processes, aiming to comply with Clients' needs and expectations. 


 Nowadays, Sideco Americana's major business areas are Engineering and  Construction, Real State Development, Waste treatment, IT solutions and  investments, CNG, Road and Highway concessions, Electric power  Generation and Transmission and Mining.  Argentina is still "the last western frontier in mining".

 Although Argentina is potentially a mining country, it was only since  1995 that it started to grow in this field due to new laws that allowed  so.

 These laws established four basic aspects to develop mining investments: 

  •  Law N 24.196 Mining Investments: it gives stability on taxation schemes 

  •  Law N 24.402 VAT finance for assets and infrastructure works 

  •  Law N 24.228 Federal Mining Agreement: it unify administrative  procedures, it favours large scale exploration and eliminates taxation  distortion 

Due to the legal framework, fees to be paid to provincial governments will never exceed 3% of the mineral value at the mine. 

In 2005 more than 60 companies were performing exploration and  exploitation in Argentina, most of them (57%) Canadian based companies. It is expected in the short term an important growing in total investments related to mine openings.

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