The Blackwood Group is not a typical private equity firm composed of other people's money, we invest our own money. We're not concerned with exit strategies, we're interested in long-term value creation. We don't want to run companies, we rely on our management partners to do that. We don't have a set of parameters to adhere to; we are highly flexible with regard to industries and transaction structures. 

We're looking for exceptional companies with a clear vision of growth in the sectors we are specialized in. For the simple reason that we don't answer to outside shareholders, we're free to focus on building long-term relationships and long-term value.    

Our team believes in the tradition of nurturing enduring relationships, providing unvarnished advice and leveraging our principal mentality. We work with clients of all sizes in many industries in all parts of the world.                              

The Blackwood group's team has managed investment funds as well as one specialized fund focusing on Energy, Oil & Gas and communications-related investments. We established this business in 1998. We advise investments throughout the world, including not only typical leveraged buyout acquisitions of seasoned companies but also  transactions involving start-up businesses in established industries, turnarounds, minority investments, corporate partnerships and industry  consolidations.