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Blackwood Consultancy is an established independent Project Consultant with a team that has a combined 40 years of experience in the Natural Resources Sector and in advising Technical Engineering Companies. A proven reputation in providing strategic advice to executives of multinational companies and national governments.

Core competencies and a proven track record

  • Advisor for Lehman Brothers' Energy Desk for Africa In Italy and UK offices (2005-2008).
  • Advisor to Siemens AG with an exclusive Agency Agreement for Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq (2001-2007).
  • Blackwood advised some of Forbes past and present Global 2000 companies including but not limited to Siemens AG, Philip Holzmann AG, Hochtief AG , Isolux Corsan S.A., Macri Group S.A., Marsh& McLennan, Italbrokers S.A. on Finance, Infrastructure projects, Oil&Gas, Power projects, Mining projects, Security etc.
  • Blackwood's team advised the governments or government owned entities of Nigeria, Ghana, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, CentralAfricanRepublic, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Australia on (Oil&Gas, Power Plants, Infrastructure, Finance, Telecommunication, Security and Political Risk Insurance.
  • Blackwood's team is fluent in English, German, Italian, Farsi, Dari, French, Hindi (Urdu) and in Spanish.
  • The Blackwood Group has a deep understanding of the historical, social, political, and economic dimensions of the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.

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